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BSI® 18

Leonard R. Derogatis

Shortened form of the BSI® instrument that provides a highly sensitive assessment of psychological factors
Ages / Grades18 Years and Older
Reading Level: 6th Grade
Administration Time18, 5-Point Rating Scale
Scoring OptionsQ-global™ web-based scoring, Hand-scoring, Q Local™ software, Fax-in scoring
QualificationLevel B

Brief Symptom Inventory 18

A brief symptom inventory designed with reliability in mind, the BSI 18 assessment gathers patient-reported data to help mea sure psychological distress in oncol ogy and primary care settings. As the latest in an integrated series of test instruments that includes the SCL–90–R®, BSI and DPRS® instruments, the BSI 18 test offers an easy-to-administer tool to help support clinical decision-making and monitor progress throughout treatment.

Quickly Measure and Monitor Psychological Distress in Oncology and Primary Care Patients

Psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals can use the BSI 18 assessment to help:

  • Assess patients at intake for psychological problems
  • Measure patient progress during and after treatment to monitor change
  • Support managed care decisions
  • Provide outcomes measurement for treatment programs

Key Features

  • The BSI 18 can be completed in approximately 4 minutes. Designed to be brief and easy to administer, the BSI 18 assessment is well-suited for helping assess and measure symptom change throughout treatment.
  • The test helps measure three primary symptom dimensions and is designed to provide an overview of a patient's symptoms and their intensity at a specific point in time.
  • Dimension and global scores from the BSI 18 test correlate highly (i.e., >.90) with analogous scores from the SCL–90–R test based on a large community population.
  • Remote-On Screen Administration (R-OSA) capability—assessments can be emailed to clients so that the assessment can be completed at their own location.

BSI®18 Scales

  • SOM—Somatization
  • DEP—Depression
  • ANX—Anxiety

Global Severity Index (GSI)

Designed to help measure overall psychological distress level.

Remote-On-screen Administration (R-OSA)

Q-global™ can generate a customized email addressed to your examinee with an embedded link to complete the online assessment form remotely!
Q-global provides OSA and R-OSA capability for this assessment.

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Materials and Prices Price
Q Local™ Scoring and Reporting
51946BSI 18 Q Local™ Answer Sheet
Test Items Included. Pkg of 25
51947BSI 18 Q Local™ Profile Report
Please note: Incremental price discounts apply for orders of 5 or more. Discounts will be reflected on your final invoice.
0974BSI 18 Q Local™ Starter Kit with Profile Report
Includes BSI 18 Manual, 3 Answer Sheets with Test Items, and 3 Q Local Administrations (Does Not Include Q Local Software.)
Hand-scoring Test Materials
51907BSI 18 Hand-Scoring Answer Sheet
Pkg of 50
51904BSI 18 Hand-Scoring Profile Forms (Community Norms)
Pkg of 50
51905BSI 18 Hand-Scoring Profile Forms (Oncology Norms)
Pkg of 50
0972BSI 18 Hand-Scoring Starter Kit with Community Norms
Includes BSI 18 manual, 50 answer sheets with test items, and 50 profile forms
0973BSI 18 Hand-Scoring Starter Kit with Oncology Norms
Includes BSI 18 manual, 50 answer sheets with test items, and 50 profile forms
Additional Administration Materials
51906BSI 18 Manual