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1993, 2006
Theodore Millon, PhD, DSc, with Carrie Millon, PhD, Roger Davis, PhD and Seth Grossman, PsyD

Brief adolescent personality inventory with a strong clinical focus
Ages / Grades13 to 19 years
Administration Time25–30 minutes (160 true/false items)
Administration FormatPaper-and-pencil, CD, or computer
Scoring OptionsQ-global™ web-based scoring, Q Local™ software, hand-scoring, mail-in scoring
Software Report OptionsInterpretive and profile reports
QualificationLevel C

Millon™ Adolescent Clinical Inventory

Unlike many other instruments developed for adults and adapted for adolescents, the MACI assessment was specifically created to address the unique concerns, pressures and situations facing teens. This dedicated tool, recently enhanced by the addition of the Grossman Facet Scales, helps assess personality patterns as well as self-reported concerns and clinical symptoms. Brief and easy to administer, the MACI test can assist practitioners in constructing treatment plans customized to individual needs—and help them guide troubled youth toward healthier, more authentic lives.

New Grossman Facet Scales zero in on critical issues

The test is well-suited for use in all teen treatment settings, including outpatient, inpatient, day treatment and residential treatment programs. Psychologists, psychiatrists, school psychologists, juvenile justice professionals and other mental health professionals find this versatile instrument essential in helping to:

  • Conduct detailed evaluations to confirm diagnostic hypotheses
  • Create individualized treatment plans
  • Measure progress before, during and after treatment

Key Features

To help you formulate more precise treatment plans, the new Grossman Facet Scales identify personality processes (e.g., self-image, mood temperament) that underlie overall scale elevations on the Personality Pattern scales. Each personality scale now has three facet scales, for which results are presented in the automated reports.

  • Using an age-appropriate format, the MACI test helps measure a number of factors closely associated with adolescents, including Sexual Discomfort, Substance Abuse Proneness, Suicidal Tendency and Eating Dysfunctions.
  • Taking 30 minutes or less to complete, the MACI test is designed to obtain the maximum amount of information with a minimal amount of the test-taker's effort—a feature that mental health professionals have found especially helpful in working with adolescents.

Grossman Facet Scales

Personality Patterns and Corresponding Grossman Facet Scales
Personality Patterns Corresponding Grossman Facet Scales
Scale 1
Scale 1.1Expressively Impassive
Scale 1.2Temperamentally Apathetic
Scale 1.3Interpersonally Unengaged
Scale 2A
Scale 2A.1Expressively Fretful
Scale 2A.2Interpersonally Aversive
Scale 2A.3Alienated Self-Image
Scale 2B
Scale 2B.1Temperamentally Woeful
Scale 2B.2Expressively Disconsolate
Scale 2B.3Cognitively Pessimistic
Scale 3
Scale 3.1Interpersonally Docile
Scale 3.2Temperamentally Pacific
Scale 3.3Expressively Incompetent
Scale 4
Scale 4.1Interpersonally Attention-Seeking
Scale 4.2Gregarious Self-Image
Scale 4.3Cognitively Flighty
Scale 5
Scale 5.1Admirable Self-Image
Scale 5.2Cognitively Expansive
Scale 5.3Interpersonally Exploitive
Scale 6A
Scale 6A.1Expressively Impulsive
Scale 6A.2Acting-Out Mechanism
Scale 6A.3Interpersonally Irresponsible
Scale 6B
Scale 6B.1Interpersonally Abrasive
Scale 6B.2Expressively Precipitate
Scale 6B.3Isolation Mechanism
Scale 7
Scale 7.1Expressively Disciplined
Scale 7.2Interpersonally Respectful
Scale 7.3Conscientious Self-Image
Scale 8A
Scale 8A.1Discontented Self-Image
Scale 8A.2Expressively Resentful
Scale 8A.3Interpersonally Contrary
Scale 8B
Scale 8B.1Cognitively Diffident
Scale 8B.2Undeserving Self-Image
Scale 8B.3Temperamentally Dysphoric
Scale 9
Borderline Tendency
Scale 9.1Temperamentally Labile
Scale 9.2Cognitively Capricious
Scale 9.3Uncertain Self-Image

Interpretive Report

Based on individual test results, this report provides an in-depth analysis that brings critical concerns to light and includes treatment strategies specifically developed to address teen-related issues. In addition, diagnostic recommendations are aligned with DSM–IV® classifications, helping to ensure the test's clinical utility and facilitate communication among practitioners. The report also includes a profile of base rate scores for the scales.

Profile Report

The profile report provides base rate scores for all 27 scales and 3 modifying indices in an easy-to-read graph. This convenient report can help quickly identify clients who may require more intensive evaluation.

MACI Scales
Modifying Indices
Personality Patterns
9Borderline Tendency
Expressed Concerns
AIdentity Diffusion
CBody Disapproval
DSexual Discomfort
EPeer Insecurity
FSocial Insensitivity
GFamily Discord
HChildhood Abuse
Clinical Syndromes
AAEating Dysfunctions
BBSubstance Abuse Proneness
CCDelinquent Predisposition
DDImpulsive Propensity
EEAnxious Feelings
FFDepressive Affect
GGSuicidal Tendency

On-screen Administration (OSA)

Q-global™ provides OSA capability for this assessment.

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Materials and Prices Price
Q-global™ Online Scoring and Reporting*
63450MACI™ Q-global™ Interpretive Report*
Price per administration
63451MACI™ Q-global™ Profile Report*
Price per administration
63452MACI™ Q-global™ Starter Kit with Interpretive Report
Includes Manual, 3 Answer Sheets, and 3 Q-global reports
Q Local™ Scoring and Reporting
51553MACI™ Q Local™ Answer Sheets
Test items included. Pkg of 25
51485MACI™ Q Local™ Interpretive Reports*
Price per administration
51486MACI™ Q Local™ Profile Reports*
Price per administration
45201MACI™ Q Local™ Starter Kit with Interpretive Reports
Includes MACI manual, 3 answer sheets, and 3 Q Local administrations. (Does not include Q Local software.)
Mail-in Scoring Services
46416MACI™ Mail-in Scoring Interpretive Reports*
Includes scoring and answer sheet
46417MACI™ Mail-in Scoring Profile Reports*
Price includes scoring and answer sheet
45200MACI™ Mail-in Starter Kit with Scoring Interpretive Reports
Includes MACI manual and answer sheets: all the materials necessary to conduct 3 assessments and receive interpretive reports using the mail-in scoring service.
Hand-scoring Test Materials
45204MACI™ Hand-Scoring Reorder Kit
Includes 50 answer sheets, 50 worksheets and 50 profile forms.
45205MACI™ Hand-Scoring Starter Kit
Includes MACI manual, hand-scoring user's guide, 10 test booklets, 50 answer sheets, 50 worksheets, 50 profile forms and answer keys.
45217MACI™ Hand-Scoring Test Booklets
Pkg of 10
Additional Administration Materials
45226MACI™ Audio Compact Disc
Administration time: 42 Minutes and 10 Seconds.
45210MACI™ Manual
45228MACI™ Test Booklet
F16CDTraining CD for the MACI™/M–PACI™ Tests
Three-lecture series with presenter Dr. Seth Grossman offers in-depth information on test use and interpretation. NO CHARGE.