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Lloyd M. Dunn, Douglas M. Dunn

A measure of receptive vocabulary for Standard American English
Ages / Grades2:6 to 90+ years
Administration Time10–15 minutes
Administration FormatPaper-and-pencil
Scores / InterpretationAge- and grade-based standard scores, percentiles, normal curve equivalents (NCEs), stanines, age and grade equivalents, growth scale value (GSV)
Scoring OptionsQ-global™ scoring and reporting, hand scoring
Software Report OptionsScore summary, diagnostic analysis, and progress reports
QualificationLevel B

Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test—Fourth Edition

The release of the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test—Fourth Edition (PPVT–4) continues a tradition of providing an outstanding vocabulary assessment that has been unsurpassed for nearly half a century. Quick, easy, and reliable as ever, it can assist professionals in their key role of fostering growth in language and literacy.

This versatile test is well suited for screening, diagnosis, and progress measurement.

Less Time in Assessment, More Time in Intervention

With this individually administered, normreferenced instrument, professionals can:

  • Quickly evaluate receptive vocabulary using a highly valid instrument that requires no reading or writing
  • Monitor progress using two parallel forms
  • Administer items by complete sets of 12 for ease of use
  • Meet guidelines for universal screening, identifying strengths and weaknessess and diagnostic testing within a differentiated instruction and progress monitoring environment

Key Features

The PPVT–4 test introduces significant enhancements, including:

  • Illustrations designed in full colour
  • More up-to-date, realistic art, offering a balance of gender and race/ethnicity
  • More stimulus words included (now 228 per form), with better representation of word types across all levels of difficulty
  • Growth Scale Value (GSV) added—a new metric for easily measuring progress over time
  • Larger easel format (8.5 x 11 inches)
  • Modernized core vocabulary
  • Enhanced technology options with Q-global for faster scoring and reporting
  • New very easy items to strengthen the floor of the test
  • A newly designed carrying case, making it easier to travel with all materials need

Clinical Studies

  • Test-Retest Reliability
  • Alternate Form Reliability
  • Comparison to Previous Edition
  • Criterion Validity (e.g., CASL, GRADE)
  • Clinical-Group Validity: ADHD, Emotional/Behavioural Disturbance, Giftedness, Hearing Impairment, Hearing Impairment with Cochlear Implant, Language Delay, Language Disorder, Learning Disability, Mental Retardation, and Speech Impairment

PPVT™–4 and EVT™–2

Use the PPVT–4 together with the EVT–2 for a comprehensive assessment of receptive and expressive language skills.


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Materials and Prices Price
Test Kits
30700PPVT™–4: Complete Kit (Form A and Form B)
Includes Easel, Manual, 25 Record Forms A, 25 Record Forms B, and carrying case.
30701PPVT™–4: Form A Complete Kit
Includes Easel, Manual, 25 Record Forms A, and carrying case.
30702PPVT™–4: Form B Complete Kit
Includes Easel, Manual, 25 Record Forms B, and carrying case.
Combination Kits
30790PPVT™–4/EVT™–2: Combination Kit (Form A and Form B)
30791PPVT™–4/EVT™–2: Combination Kit Form A
30792PPVT™–4/EVT™–2: Combination Kit Form B
Q-global™ Online Scoring and Reporting*
64025PPVT™–4: Form A Q-global Digital Stimulus Book
64027PPVT™–4: Form B Q-global Digital Stimulus Book
64030PPVT™–4: Q-global Digital Examiner’s Manual
64017PPVT™–4: Q-global Individual Score Summary Report
Additional Administration Materials
158007824Bundle of 5 Digital Stimulus Books: Essential Tools (MAC®/Windows®)
Flash drive with CELF-4, PLS-5, PPVT-4, EVT-2, and GFTA-2 stimulus book
158007522PPVT™–4: Digital Stimulus Book (MAC®/Windows®)
Flash drive with stimulus book pictures and printable Administration Directions
30705PPVT™–4: Manual
30706PPVT™–4: Record Form A
Pkg of 25
30707PPVT™–4: Record Form B
Pkg of 25