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Q Local™

Administer and score assessments right on your desktop

Q Local™ Scoring and Reporting Software—Version 3.0

Q Local software enables you to score and report on more than thirty clinical assessments from Pearson. Q Local software is available in desktop and network versions. Test entry methods include taking tests right at the computer, manually entering responses from completed answer sheets, or even scanning answers sheets.

How does it work?

Pearson's Q Local Software is based on a "pay as you go" concept. It allows you to choose the number of administrations and specific reports you actually need, providing you with a flexible and user-friendly solution. Q Local provides for on-screen administration as well as scoring via key entry of responses or scanning of scannable answer documents. Visit the Q Local Scoring and Reporting Software information page for detailed information.

What assessments does Q Local score and report?

The comprehensive list of assessments supported by the Q Local™ Scoring and Reporting Software is found on the left of this page, under 'Related Items'.

Important note to existing Q Local customers

The primary update with Q Local version 3.0 is to support Windows 8 operating system compatibility, in addition to currently supported Windows operating system versions.

If you have a prior version of Q Local 2.x installed on your machine, it is extremely critical that you follow the detailed instructions found on page 4 of the Quick Start Guide.

Note: An existing install requires that you back up your database, followed by uninstalling your current version. There is NO upgrade to version 3.0, as this is a major new version of Q Local that requires significant changes to the database version to support Windows 8.

For more information

If you have any questions about how Q Local™ software works and whether it is compatible with your computer equipment, give us a call at 1-866-335-8418.

Technical Support for Q Local

If you have any questions as you install your software, please review the Quick Start Installation Instructions or call Technical Support at 1-800-627-7278 (Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm CST).

New Content and Features

New Content and Features
Version 3.0 (Released: October 2013)
Updated Assessment
  • Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory—2—Restructured Form™ (MMPI–2–RF®)
    • The MMPI-2-RF report was updated to include 21 new research references. The annotations for the interpretive statements were updated to reflect these new references
    • Added persistence on the MMPI-2-RC item level cutoff reporting options
  • Other:
    • Updated Millon® trademarks to use a registered trademark symbol
    • Resolved the Ipsative Comparison Table for BASC–2 reports
    • Resolved display profiles for the BASC–2 Progress Report
Version 2.8 (Released: October 2012)
Updated Assessment
Version 2.7 (Released: July 2011)
Updated Assessment
  • Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory—2—Restructured Form™ (MMPI–2–RF®)
    • RBS (Response Bias Scale) is an over-reporting indicator associated with exaggerated or non-credible memory complaints.
    • Customized comparison groups can be created by users based on data within their Q Local database.
    • Two new comparison groups: Forensic, Neuropsychological Examination Litigant/Claimant (Men) and Forensic, Neuropsychological Examination Litigant/Claimant (Women)
    • Reports can be printed directly from an MMPI–2 protocol.
    • One-page summary of the test taker's T scores are organized by domain.
    • Specific scales and cut-offs for which users would like to see item level information in the report can now be selected.
Version 2.6 (Released: October 18, 2010)
Updated Assessments
Version 2.5 (Released: July 15, 2010)
Updated Assessment
  • Behavior Assessment System for Children—Second Edition
    • BASC™-2 Clinical Report (Available only on Q Local) Added
      • Provides clinical probability indexes for ADHD, EBD, and Functional Impairment
    • On Screen administration and scoring for BASC™-2 Teacher, Parent Rating Scales, and Student Self Reports
New Feature
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Fully Supported (32-bit and 64-bit variants)
Version 2.4 (Released: December 2009)
Updated Assessment
  • MMPI-2-RF Interpretive Report: Clinical Setting
    • Bariatric Surgery Candidate (Men) Comparison Group Added
    • Forensic, Child Custody Litigant (Men) Comparison Group Added
    • Forensic, Child Custody Litigant (Women) Comparison Group Added
    • Personnel Screening, Clergy (Men and Women) Comparison Group Added
Version 2.3 (Released: 2009)
New Assessments
Updated Assessments
New and Updated Features
  • CD Installation Updated
  • Audio Install and Download from Preferences Section
  • Windows Vista 64-bit Edition Support Added
  • Windows XP Service Pack 3 Added

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Materials and Prices Price
02010DQ Local™ Scoring and Reporting Software: Desktop Version
Includes One-Year License Fee.
02004DQ Local™ Scoring and Reporting Software: Network Version
Includes One-Year License Fee.