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David Wechsler

A short, accurate, reliable measure of verbal, nonverbal, and general cognitive ability.
Ages / GradesIndividuals 6:0–89:11
Administration TimeFour-subtest form,
30 minutes;
two-subtest form,
15 minutes
Administration FormatPaper-and-pencil
Scores / InterpretationHand scoring
QualificationLevel C

Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence®—Second Edition

The Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence®—Second Edition (WASI®–II), a revision of the WASI®, provides a brief, reliable measure of cognitive ability for use in clinical, educational, and research settings. This revision maintains the format and structure of the WASI while offering new content and improvements to provide greater clinical utility and efficiency.

The WASI–II builds on the strength of the WASI by providing updated versions of the WASI Vocabulary, Similarities, Block Design and Matrix Reasoning subtests, flexible administration options (i.e., four- or two-subtest versions), and strengthened connections with the WISC®–IV and WAIS®–IV.

Psychologists and other professionals can use this quick and reliable measure when screening for intellectual disabilities or intellectual giftedness, or for other purposes:

  • Screen to determine if in-depth intellectual assessment is needed
  • Reassess after a comprehensive evaluation
  • Estimate Full Scale IQ (FSIQ) scores in busy practice settings
  • Assess cognitive functioning of individuals referred for psychiatric evaluations
  • Provide FSIQ scores for vocational, rehabilitation, or research purposes

Features and Benefits

The WASI–II offers significant enhancements and retains features you have come to rely on:

  • Updated normative sample
  • Four- and two-subtest versions allow you to control the administration time and depth of assessment
  • Updated subtests to provide a variety of improvements including shortened and streamlined instructions, better floors and ceilings, as well as item content that more closely mirrors that of the WISC–IV and the WAIS–IV
  • Simplified administration and scoring provide even more efficiency

Flexible Administration Options

The WASI–II provides flexible administration options. The four-subtest form can be administered in just 30 minutes and the two-subtest form can be given in about 15 minutes.

  • Four-subtest Form(Vocabulary, Similarities, Block Design, Matrix Reasoning) provides:
    • FSIQ 4 score: Estimate of general cognitive ability
    • VSI score: Measure of crystallized abilities
    • PIQ score: Measure of nonverbal fluid abilities and visuomotor/coordination skills
  • Two-subtest Form(Vocabulary and Matrix Reasoning) provides:
    • FSIQ 2 score: Estimate of general cognitive ability

Psychometric Information

  • Updated norms for individuals ages 6–90
  • Improved floors and ceilings

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Materials and Prices Price
Test Kits
015-8981-561WASI®–II Complete Kit
Includes Manual, Stimulus Booklet, 25 Record Forms, and set of 9 blocks in canvas.
Additional Administration Materials
015-8981-57XWASI®–II Manual
015-8981-596WASI®–II Record Forms
Pkg of 25.
015-8981-588WASI®–II Stimulus Book