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WISC®–IV Integrated

2003, 2004
David Wechsler

Explore atypical profiles and understand the underlying processes within core WISC®–IVCDN subtests to maximize identification accuracy and remediation success
Ages / Grades6:0 to 16:11 Years
Administration TimeCore Subtests: 65–80 Minutes*
Scores / InterpretationScaled Process Scores and Base Rates Percentages (Process Observations and Error Scores)
Software Report OptionsScaled Scores by age, Index Scores, Full-Scale IQ
QualificationLevel C

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children—Fourth Edition: Integrated

The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children–Fourth Edition Integrated (WISC–IV Integrated) combines the WISC–IV and 16 optional subtests to provide critical diagnostic information to support clinical judgements and guide intervention planning. As the premier test for cognitive abilities in school, health, and private settings, it provides a comprehensive measure of learning strengths and difficulties while ensuring valid and reliable testing for quantitative and qualitative measures that go beyond a child's intellectual index scores.

Following the WISC–IVCDN administration, use any of the 16 process subtests in the WISC–IV Integrated for an even more in-depth, targeted assessment. By choosing only the Integrated subtests you believe could reveal a processing problem that might be affecting core WISC–IV scores, guiding your intervention, or answering a referral question, you are able to gain essential clinical insights by adding only minutes to your administration time.

Process Subtests Provide Answers to Questions

Using U.S. data, WISC–IV Integrated process subtests offer a rich, clinical "testing of the limits" that help identify sources of a child's strengths and weaknesses:

  • Further explore the cognitive processes that contribute to a child's scores
  • Provide adapted versions of WISC–IV subtests that are especially amenable to use with a diverse array of children with special needs
  • Provide valuable hypothesis testing that historically involved expensive and unvalidated measures
  • Assist the clinician in developing treatment plans and intervention strategies specifically aimed at a child's areas of cognitive difficulties
  • Develop critical insights to assist students with disabilities in standards-based education

The Power of Process Integrated into the WISC–IV

New Validity Studies

Extensive validity data are available for ADHD, learning disabilities (reading, writing, math), traumatic brain injury, autism/Asperger's syndrome, mental retardation, and receptive and expressive language disorders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I use the WISC–IV Integrated?

A. If you have a concern or question about a child’s WISC–IV scores, you will increase your understanding of his/her capabilities by clarifying the interpretation of the WISC–IV results.

Q. If I already own the WISC–IVCDN, can I upgrade to the WISC–IV Integrated?

A. Yes, you can purchase the WISC–IV Integrated Upgrade Kit that includes all the materials for the 16 WISC–IV Integrated process subtests.

Q. What is included with the WISC–IV Integrated Complete Kit?

A. You’ll receive the full WISC–IV battery, plus the materials you need for the 16 WISC–IV Integrated process subtests.

Important Links with Other Measures

The WISC–IV Integrated also offers validity studies (U.S. data only) correlating with achievement (WIAT®–II and upcoming WIAT®–III), children’s memory (CMS™), adaptive behaviour (ABAS®–II), emotional intelligence (BarOn Emotional Quotient–Inventory: Youth Version™), and giftedness (GRS™).

Scoring and Report Writing Software

The Scoring Assistant® and Writer software helps you save time and effort with time-consuming details, calculations, and narrative writing—making your job easier and your assessment work go faster. Free sample reports of the Scoring Assistant and Writer are available at

Administration times are average testing times for non-clinical examinees. Individual administration times may be longer for examinees with clinical conditions.

Contact us for information on additional and/or replacement items.

Materials and Prices Price
Test Kits
7747-5377-3WISC®–IV Integrated Complete Kit in Box
WISC–IV Integrated: Administration and Scoring Manual; Tech and Interpretive Manual; Stim Books 2 and 3; 10 Record Forms; 10 Response Booklets 3; Symbol Search Scoring Key; Coding Scoring Key /w Coding Recall; Cancellation Scoring Templates; 12 Block Design Cubes; Spatial Span Board; Visual Digit Span Card and Sleeve; 2 Block Design Grid Overlays; 1 red pencil /wo eraser; and 1 #2 pencil /wo eraser. WISC–IV CDN: 25 Record Forms; 25 Response Booklets 1; and Manual. WISC–IV: Stim Book 1; and 25 Response Booklets.
7747-5376-5WISC®–IV Integrated Complete Kit in Hard Case
Includes contents as listed below plus attaché case
7747-5375-7WISC®–IV Integrated Complete Kit in Soft Rolling Case
Includes contents as listed below plus soft-side rolling case
7747-5444-3WISC®–IV Integrated Upgrade Kit
Includes WISC®–IV Integrated Administration Manual, Integrated Technical Manual, Integrated Stimulus Booklets 2 and 3, 10 each Integrated Record Forms and Response Booklets, 3 Additional Block Design Cubes, Spatial Span Board, Visual Digit Span Card and Sleeve, Coding Template, and 2 Block Design Overlays.
Additional Administration Materials
7747-5511-3WISC®–IV Integrated Perpetual Reasoning Process Approach Form
Now also includes the Perpetual Reasoning Process Approach Response Booklet. Pkg of 25
7747-5515-6WISC®–IV Integrated Processing Speed Process Approach Form
Now also includes the Processing Speed Process Approach Response Booklet (Pkg of 25)
7747-5385-4WISC®–IV Integrated Record Form
Pkg of 10
7747-5386-2WISC®–IV Integrated Record Form
Pkg of 25
7747-5412-5WISC®–IV Integrated Response Booklet 3
Pkg of 25
015-8983-467WISC®–IV Integrated Scoring Assistant Upgrade to WISC®–IV Integrated Writer
7747-5458-3WISC®–IV Integrated Scoring Assistant®
7747-5512-1WISC®–IV Integrated Verbal Comprehension Process Approach Form
Now also includes the Verbal Comprehension Process Approach Response Booklet (Pkg of 25)
7747-5514-8WISC®–IV Integrated Working Memory Process Approach Form
Now also includes the Working Memory Process Approach Response Booklet (Pkg of 25)
7747-5457-5WISC®–IV Integrated Writer®
015-8979-087WISC®–IV Response Booklet #1
Pkg of 25
015-8979-095WISC®–IV Response Booklet #2
Pkg of 25
015-8983-297WISC®–IV Scoring Assistant Upgrade to WISC®–IV Integrated Scoring Assistant
015-8983-319WISC®–IV Writer Upgrade to WISC®–IV Integrated Writer