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Q Local™ Scoring and Reporting Software

Q Local™ Scoring and Reporting Software


Pearson's Q Local Software is based on a "pay as you go" concept. It allows you to choose the number of administrations and specific reports you actually need, providing you with a flexible and user-friendly solution. Q Local provides for on-screen administration as well as scoring via key entry of responses or scanning of scannable answer documents.

Enjoy the convenience of desktop administration and scoring...

This powerful and flexible system lets you administer and score more than 30 Pearson assessments right on your desktop.

How It Works:

  • Install the Q Local software on your computer easily from a CD-ROM, download software upgrades from the Internet, or request that upgrades be mailed to you.
  • Individuals can take a test right on the computer, or you can manually key the individual's responses from an answer sheet into the program. The option of scanning is also available. Call 1-866-335-8418 for more details.
  • After payment of an annual license fee, you pay only for the tests and administrations you need.
  • You receive a counter that plugs into the back of your computer. It keeps track of the number of test administrations you have scored.
  • Order additional administrations by calling 1-866-335-8418.

Q Local Software Provides:

  • Desktop and network versions
  • On-screen report viewing
  • Warning when you are running low on report usages
  • Ability to save test-taker demographic information for re-use with multiple assessments
  • On-screen administration for selected batteries
  • Enhanced ability for naming, viewing, sorting, and managing scanned batches
  • Custom data fields
  • Automatic report generation upon scanning answer sheets
  • Automatic reminders to back up data
  • Accommodation of international date formats and paper-size settings
  • Downloadable software updates
  • Administration of timed and graphics-based tests on-screen
  • Recycle bin for easily deleting records
  • Reports in Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) can be copied and pasted into other applications, including Microsoft® Word

Value-Packed Desktop Version

You receive this version for an annual license fee for the Q Local desktop software plus the cost of the test administrations you order.

Need More Than One Copy of Q Local Software?

A network version is available for an annual license fee. Benefits include:

  • Multiple copies of the Q Local software can access a single Q Local database and report counter.
  • Completed tests are stored in a single database for easy backup and reporting.

For more information

For more information or if you have any questions about how Q Local software works and whether it is compatible with your computer equipment, give us a call at 1-866-335-8418.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Q Local software, please visit see the Frequently Asked Questions about Q Local.

Important note: Lost, damaged or stolen report counters and unused administrations will not be replaced free of charge.